Alexandros  Sotiropoulos

Alexandros Sotiropoulos

Department of Plant and Microbial Biology


Wicker T, Stritt C, Sotiropoulos AG, Poretti M, Pozniak C, Walkowiak S, Gundlach H, Stein N (2021).

Transposable Element Populations Shed Light on the Evolutionary History of Wheat and the Complex Co-Evolution of Autonomous and Non-Autonomous Retrotransposons (

Advanced Genetics, December 2021


Mueller MC, Kunz L, Schudel S, Kammerecker S, Isaksson J, Wyler M, Graf J, Sotiropoulos AG, Praz CR, Wicker T, Bourras S, Keller B (2021).

Standing genetic variation of the AvrPm17 avirulence gene in powdery mildew limits the effectiveness of an introgressed rye resistance gene in wheat (


Müller MC, Praz CR, Sotiropoulos AG, Menardo F, Kunz L, Schudel S, Oberhänsli S, Poretti M, Wehrli A, Bourras S, Keller B, Wicker T (2019).

A chromosome‐scale genome assembly reveals a highly dynamic effector repertoire of wheat powdery mildew (

New Phytologist, March 2019