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URPP Evolution in Action: From Genomes to Ecosystems

Courses related to the URPP Evolution

The following courses are taught by members and/or cover key issues of the URPP Evolution:

Spring Semester 2023

BIO 254 Functional Genomics

Exciting new technologies are revolutionizing biology: ultra-high throughput sequencing, quantitative mass spectrometry-based proteomics, metabolomics, high-throughput automated microscopy, and more. In module BIO254, experts from each field teach two or three classes on their technology - describing applications, strengths and shortcomings, and how to assess and use the data produced.

Instructors: Kentaro Shimizu, Christian von Mering, Bernd Bodenmiller, Alexander Leitner, Izaskun Gonzalez, Hubert Rehrauer, Ralph Schlapbach, Nicola Zamboni


BIO 366 Topics in Evolutionary Genetics and Computational Biology

This is a research seminar where students learn to present, discuss, and defend their own research projects and research results, as well as observations from the recent literature.

Target Groups: PhD students in PhD programs at UZH or ETHZ
Instructor: Andreas Wagner


BIO 607 Current Research in Evolutionary Ecology and Genetics of Natural Populations

Participation in lab meeting of research group of Lukas Keller, presentation of own project or scientific problem during one of the meetings

Instructor: Lukas Keller


BIO 612 Seminars in Bioinformatics: Methods and Emerging Solutions

In this seminar series, participants (group members, invited guests, (volunteers) present aspects of their ongoing research, with emphasis on the application of advanced bioinformatics methods applied during their projects. The seminar series also provides opportunities for presentations by visitors and „hot topic" discussions.

Instructors: Christian von Mering, Michael Baudis, Mark Robinson


BIO 784 Evolutionary Genomics Journal Club

The BIO784 Journal Club is dedicated to cutting-edge journal articles in evolutionary genomics, including the subfields of population genetics, speciation and domestication genetics, phylogenetics, quantitative genetics, and the extension of these fields to the -omics era. We encourage a mix of theoretical, methodological, and empirical papers across all taxonomic groups. At the start of a session, one participant presents a summary of the paper and suggests points for discussion. Then all participants discuss the paper. Students are given priority as presenters and during the discussion. PhD students may earn 1 ECTS per semester by presenting one paper and by active participation.

Instructor: Simon Aeschbacher


ECO 401 Zurich Interaction Seminar (ZIS)

The Zürich Interaction Seminar (ZIS) provides an informal and engaging environment for graduate students (MSc and PhD) to discuss current research in ecology and evolutionary biology. Each 20–40 minute talk reviews exciting developments in a research field or highlights the presenter's current work. Discussions and networking opportunities foster connections within Zürich's ecology and evolution research community. The seminar is jointly hosted by University of Zürich and ETH Zürich, students from both institutions are encouraged to participate.

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