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URPP Evolution in Action: From Genomes to Ecosystems


The URPP Evolution started out in 2013 to bring together researchers at the University of Zurich with a common interest of applying these novel genomic technologies to evolutionary questions. Among our members are evolutionary biologists, plant scientists, molecular biologists, medical scientists, bioinformaticians, and linguists, distributed across different departments, faculties, and locations. Our aim has been to integrate this disparate community from various disciplines with their own traditions and ways of thinking.

During Phase I (2013-2016), 14 research projects were ongoing within the larger framework of five interdisciplinary research themes.

During Phase II (2017- 2020), research was performed in 15 collaborative projects centered around six focus topics, and the URPP Evolution hosted four independent research groups:

During Phase III (2021-2024), the URPP Evolution continues the activities that have proven successful in creating an integrated research community, and focuses on aspects that will consolidate the achievements beyond its duration. The research profile of the URPP Evolution is sharpened with a focus on diversification and adaptation, specifically the topics of pathogen and host co-evolution, polyploidy and epigenetics, and experimental evolution and modeling, which allow both the follow-up of successful research ideas and the integration of upcoming new topics and approaches.

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Open Call for Pilot Projects

More about Open Call for Pilot Projects

To promote young scientists, the URPP Evolution has regularly called for research proposals in the wider field of evolutionary biology, involving an interdisciplinary approach to evolutionary questions. The purpose of these calls was to fund innovative pilot projects necessary for subsequent larger grant applications.

The URPP Evolution has funded a total of 62 Pilot Projects; 22 in Phase I, 28 in Phase II, and 12 in Phase III.

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